Photography captures a moment in time, a sitters unique movement and emotion. Its power lies in its stillness which allows the viewer to examine the elements within the capture, a timeless sense of analysis takes place. Words offer a unique parallel of stillness – an ability to view and to review its content – get lost and interpret it in a very personal matter.

With the use of photography, my purpose is to bring forward another aspect of opera. Working with two elements which create stillness within the performing element of the operatic art form: portraits and words. Presenting portraits alongside words gives time for the viewer to ingest these two elements. My selection of two captures bring the focus of the singer as a performer and as a person. Presented alongside their selection of the lexical foundation which has the most meaning to them, brings forth an elevated dimension to the portraits.

“Opera: Faces & Words”, will grow in two distinct directions. First: in size and geographical locations with the goal of capturing singers in the Americas and in Europe. Second: in depth and human evolution. As time advances, the singers will be recaptured at 5 year intervals – presenting not only their growth as humans but showing their growth within the art form as singers and as bodies of knowledge of the operatic content.

This personal project brings forth two passions – photography and opera. I aim to present to the opera connoisseur a still element of the art form through a unique view of the singers and the underlying lexical content of the operas. I also aim to raise awareness for this beautiful art form by allowing the photography and the words to reach beyond the operatic spheres, enter into other art spheres and increasing awareness for the beauties and the wonders of opera.

The project can be adapted to specific productions, lyric or ensemble groups. Since the start of the project it has been featured at the Canadian Opera Company 2016 Winter season featuring artists from the Ensemble studio, in print in Opera Canada magazine featuring Canadian artists.

Veronika Roux-Vlachova

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